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B-side is a circus company founded by six young artists from four different countries, who met at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Together we share each other’s artistic visions and explore unusual ways of combining our circus disciplines. This gives new impulses to the technic itself and helps us as a company to push the limits of what we are capable of. By taking elements out of performance art we manage to minimise the distance between artists and public, our goal is to always stay true and natural. In this group we learnt that we can share more than just our circus skills. As artists we look for a way to reach the point of sensibility, of fragility, where the human is present behind the circus technic. Through the language of circus we share dreams, secrets and tell our stories.

Tour 2018

  • 24 June 2018 Tracks – 18h Orcevaux (52)


  • Thibaud Thévenet Base, Hand to hand - Juggler
  • Camille Jacquot Swinging Trapeze
  • Flora Lacornerie Flyer, hand to hand
  • Malina Buttgereit Cyr Wheel
  • Elsa Näslund Vertical Rope
  • Paul van der Maat Handstand - Straps

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Thibaud Thévenet Base, Hand to hand - Juggler

Since his childhood, circus and any activity connected to circus is a passion for him: theatre, music, dance... He decides that he will be a circus artist when he turns 12. He learns playing drums during 10 years but is also able to play other instruments like the guitar and the accordion. He juggles in his free time and belongs to a theatre company during high school years. In 2008, he joins the preparation school in Lomme ("Et vous trouvez ça drôle") as a juggler. The following year, in Bordeaux he meets Flora and he starts to practice hand to hand as his main speciality. In 2010, they are accepted together at ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art), in Tilburg, Netherlands. They graduated in June 2014 and continue their work both as a duo and as members of the B-side Company.
Camille Jacquot Swinging Trapeze

Already as a child, Camille was attracted and impressed by the circus shows and their surrounding atmosphere. At the age of ten, she decided to try it for herself, and she started training in a small circus school close to her hometown. When she, a few years later, discovered her true passion for performing, she decided that circus was the best way for her to express herself.Therefore, after graduating from secondary school, she attended the preparatory circus school of Lyon. A year after, she was accepted in ACaPA where she first practiced static trapeze but finally found her real passion in swinging trapeze. The dynamic energy of swinging corresponds very well to her personality, and is the best medium for her to communicate with the audience.

From an early age on, she practiced different instruments as well as singing, so music has a natural place in her performances.

By letting herself be influenced by music and her own personality she developed an energetic stage character full of humour, emotions and craziness who is not scared of using her voice.
Flora Lacornerie Flyer, hand to hand

Flora was born in 1990. As a child, she likes very much to jump, move, climb. It is real fun and pleasure for her. When she gets 5 years old, she can finally start learning and practicing circus like her elder brother and sister. Later on she also goes to dance, drama and singing. Her dream soon becomes to be a circus artist. In 2008, she enters Ecole de cirque de Lyon preparatory training with static trapeze as a speciality. There, she discovers hand to hand. It is a revelation, she wants to be a flyer. The following year, she meets Thibaud and they start training with determination, they become the duo Non de noN. In June 2014, she graduated the 4-year higher education training in Tilburg, Netherlands, ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art). She is now part of the B-side company.
Malina Buttgereit Cyr Wheel

In kindergarten, Malina was the child that climbed the highest on the rope hanging in the tree. Since then, her motivation to move and the searching for challenges hasn’t stopped. At the age of 11 she started to do gymnastics and a bit of circus. Later, the focus changed and the circus part became more and more important. Besides that she learnt to play two instruments, the clarinet and later the piano. Furthermore, she was interested in drawing, snowboarding and dancing. In 2008, during the summer holidays she saw the Cyr Wheel for the first time and she knew immediately that this would be her discipline for the next year in her youth varieté (Varieté Voilà, Bad Nauheim). Two years later, when it came to choose a study, she decided that circus combined most of her passions and applied with her wheel at Acapa. After four years of study she is very happy and proud that her big dream already came true: being part of a company!
Elsa Näslund Vertical Rope

”I’m Elsa Rebelsa and I have a passion for knots, heights and chocolate. As long as I can be upside-down and it's not too warm I'm happy, always looking at the B-side of life.”

Elsa had already from a very early age a longing higher up and climbed both stairs, furnitures, trees and people. To stay on the ground was a waste of time. Always up for something new! Always keep an eye on the surroundings just in case there is something to climb up on, no time to waist, the floor is lava.

From the moment she was introduced to the Vertical Rope she was hooked for life. In the rope she found a partner to work with. Now they explore the mystery of loops and knots, the straight logic and beautiful snarl-ups. They play with the space around them and create strong and fragile images never seen before.

Paul van der Maat Handstand - Straps

As a kid he always tried to climb and balance on top of things, the school building or that one part of the playground you were not supposed to climb on. When he discovered the circus at the age of ten at Circus Nevermind he continued balancing, at first on the tight wire and the unicycle, skate parks and downhill tracks were the favourite place. Later he discovered another kind of balancing, no object just the body upside-down. It is here that the love for the stage and the dream of doing this for his whole life came to be.

Now he looks for how far the body can go, in what directions will it bend, until where can you stay in balance, all this without touching the ground.